There's a smarter way to manage your cargo

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Track progress from origin to destination
Compare progress against carrier's Transport Plans
Anticipate issues to take preemptive action
Get status updates from trusted sources
Monitor your demurrage risk
Analyze bottlenecks and delays

Advantages for Shippers


Trace every step from origin to destination


Understand where delays are really occurring


Forecast next steps and anticipate delays

Dynamic stock

Respond faster to market demand

Reduced cost

Resolve disputes and cut demurrage


Drive clearance processes before arrival

Benefit from new technology

Distributed Ledgers

Hyperledger blockchain provides a trusted record of every step

Cyber security

Permissioned blockchain ensures secure, granular access


Removes need for capital expenses in ICT investment

Analytics & AI

Enabling smart insights and predictive forecasts

Developer APIs

Easy and fast integration with existing applications

Internet of Things

Capture real-world events with speed and accuracy